An educational and scientific association in the direction "Artificial Intelligence" has been created at BSUIR

On January 23, an organizational meeting dedicated to the creation of the first educational and scientific association in the direction of artificial intelligence was held at BSUIR.
The order on its creation was signed at the end of 2019. It is expected that the new association will rally not only interested structural units of the university but also specialists from other universities and enterprises of the country.

The organizational meeting was opened by the rector of BSUIR Vadim Bogush.
"The meaning of this educational and scientific association is to create an open platform for interaction and discussion of problems, development and implementation of projects within the framework of such an urgent area as artificial intelligence both in terms of the scientific component and in terms of educational content and training, – emphasized Vadim Anatolyevich. – Each participant can find something useful for themselves. The university is interested in the modern content of education, training qualified personnel, new scientific ideas and developments. In addition, the first educational and scientific association will give us a valuable experience in interaction".

The main activity of the educational and scientific association is the consolidation of efforts in the field of artificial intelligence to develop an open integrated technology for the design of semantically compatible intelligent computer systems focused on the usage of new generation computers. The plans also include the creation of an inter-university training center for students, undergraduates, graduate students and young specialists; the organization of a permanent scientific seminar on the coordination of work on fundamental and applied aspects of the development of artificial intelligence technologies and much more.

"In the world, there is an urgent need for convergence in various aspects of the development of the artificial intelligence line, – said Vladimir Golenkov, Doctor of Technical Science. – Now artificial intelligence is moving into a fundamentally new phase – the phase of industrial development of intelligent systems. Therefore a good technology is required".

Tatyana Shimko, BSUIR press service 
Photo: Maxim Maksak, BSUIR press service
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