Intelligent Semantic Systems

the integration of machine learning approaches such as artificial neural network models with semantic models on the universal formal basis

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About the Project

The main goal of the developed project is the creation of a global distributed intelligent system that consists of compatible cooperating intelligent systems connected into the cloud with the Technology core. The Technology core includes actual versions of all components used by interconnected systems. Semantic compatibility of systems allows performing component actualization automatically, so in every moment every system has access to the most stable version of the underlying platform and all required components.

The basic ideas of the project are:

Integration of machine learning approaches such as artificial neural network models with semantic models on the universal formal basis

Information security:

All changes are automatically verified

Private information is stored on the owner's server

No changes can be made without logging

Binary and human-readable dumps by schedule

Each system may share a part of stored information to become a reliable source of information in some subject domain. So complex problem may be solved by using information from several systems


As a basis for the design of semantically compatible computer systems, we use an Open semantic technology for intelligent systems (OSTIS Technology).
The keystone of this technology is an SC-code – a standard for the semantic representation of information that basically uses the set theory and the graph theory.

The basis of the OSTIS Technology is the SC code – the standard of semantic representation of information in the memory of systems developed by us. The special feature of the SC-code is that it is a language based on the set theory and made up of only 5 elements, using which it is possible to formally represent and process all kinds of information from any subject domain including logical statements, programs and metastructures of any complexity.

SC-code features:

As a result:

Semantic and syntax compatibility of knowledge represented in the SC-code

Why should you choose us?

The IS Systems allows your company to find meaning in its data and improve the quality of business decisions. On a common platform, IT and business users can work together to create a data-driven organization:

Enterprise security and scalability to meet your standards of reliability, confidentiality and compliance

System workflows help teams to collaborate

Enterprise security and scalability to meet your standards of reliability, confidentiality and compliance

With IS you rely on the solid data and develop new ideas

1. Identification of all company-related data
First of all, identifying all the data necessary to determine the significant value for the business, we create basic individualized structures that allow the system to expand independently in accordance with its specifications and integrate increasingly complex data. Thus, you use the system in full force.
    2. Creating a common data language
    Data consolidation across all sites by applying a single definition to ensure that users build on the same basis
      3. The balance between access and privacy
      Our system sets priorities and simplifies approval, usage and retention policies to give analysts access to everything but the right data
        4. Develop confidence in the quality of your data
        Any analysis will give valid statements only if the data is reliable and full transparency and origin of the data are ensured. This is exactly the basis of the system. Agents as business intelligence tools provide powerful analytic capabilities to help you get the insight you need to gain a competitive advantage. The IS Systems ensures that the required reliable data records, whose context and origin can be used, will be obtained
          5. Expenses and time optimization during functionality extension
          In most cases, increasing the functionality of developed systems using our approach comes down to the expanding the knowledge base, which can be carried out automatically or with minimal developer participation. Wherein, the requirements for the competence of such developers are much lower than for the competence of the classical system developer


            The OSTIS ecosystem is an unlimitedly expandable group of constantly developing intelligent systems that:

            interact with each other, with users of intelligent systems and traditional computer systems for cooperative solutions of complex problems;

            constantly maintain a high level of compatibility and mutual understanding in interaction both among themselves and with users

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